What is Symmetric Encryption with Types

Symmetric encryption with Types

What is Symmetric encryption:

Symmetric encryption uses a single password to encrypt and decrypt data. It is faster than asymmetric encryption. But it has some drawbacks. For example a service performing encryption/decryption of a message with a key and your many clients consume that service, then you have to provide your key to your client also. It needs a high level of trust - so when you encrypt the date, then you have to provide the same key for decryption.

Symmetric Encryption

Following are some of the Symmetric encryption algorithms:

1. Data Encryption Standard (DES)

2. Triple DES (3DES)

3. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

4. TwoFish

5. International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA)

6. Blowfish (Drop-in replacement for DES or IDEA)

7. Rivest Cipher 4 (RC4)

8. Rivest Cipher 5 (RC5)

9. Rivest Cipher 6 (RC6)